Vilca Senior Care

Our friends, Vilca Senior Care (Estancia Municipal del Adulto Mayor)

The Centro de Meditacion Vilcabamba highly recommends the Senior Citizen Center. The Ecuadorians are natural caregivers. In Ecuadorian culture caring for the elderly and sick family members and single senior citizens is something that is part of the culture and everyday life.

This new state-of-the-art Senior Citizen Center offers day care with bus pickup in the Loja Province. It also offers full time live-in care with facilities for family members to stay the night. The Center also cares for the sick and disabled (certain diseases and disabilities the center is not equipped to care for and must first be cleared by the center before being accepted).

Visit us in Vilcabamba, known as the Valley of Longevity for its constant temperate climate, fresh air (attributed to the Huilco tree and Podocarpus Park), fresh food, and world class water from Podocarpus Park.

For foreigners daily use of the Care Center's out-patient care is $200.00 a month. Full time in-patient in care is $1,000.00 a month. Foreigners wanting full time live in care are required to have a permanent residency visa. A retirement visa for seniors is the most common.

Address: Vilcabamba, Loja Province, Ecuador
Atillo y La Paz (Barrio Las Palmas)
Telephone: (593) 7 272-2778 / (593) 7 272-2779
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